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The only manufacturing company offering world class Vibratory Stress Relieving Equipment in South East Asia.

About Us

We are group of companies engaged in manufacturing and marketing of Vibrators and Vibratory Equipments. We have developed Vibratory Stress Relieving Equipment indigenously in India. We have supplied many equipment in India and abroad under the brand name STREL-Q. We also provide Vibratory Stress Relieving Servicing of your fabricated and cast jobs at your site.

At Flextool Equipment Pvt. Ltd., we strive to design and develop the best solutions for our clients. In this mission, we are assisted by a world class infrastructure and a committed workforce which leads us from the front to be innovative and grow through continual improvement of our products and services. As a result of such attitude, we have successfully won total customer satisfaction of our valued clients over so many years.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India